I specialize in wedding's. They are my top design work and I love every moment of it. I try to only book one wedding per weekend, that gives me plenty of time to focus on just that wedding. I want to make sure everything is perfect and the freshest possible flowers for your special day... 


My Shop

My flower shop is at my house. This is so I can have more time with my family and for your special day. It is very important to me that your flowers are in the best condition before I deliver. It is also very important that I have plenty of time to work on them so I can give them all my attention so that every detail is perfect....


  I have my customers meet with me on their schedule.  I always tell my couples that I am on their time. I really want to make it as stress free as possible and fun and exciting to go over flower details.  This could be seating on my front porch drinking tea or at your favorite restaurant over lunch or dinner so that we can discuss your special event. I am always available.